Why do we spend so much of our time seeking advice from others about how we should live our lives?   I think it’s because we want someone to validate our choices.

I think that is a problem because basically you’re asking someone how you should live your life and their answer is based on how they would live so you’re discounting your own opinion.

I think advice from others shod be reserved to technical expertise like how to change a tire,  or bake apple pie or doing algebra.

You understand what I’m saying?  You have a fifty- fifty chance of doing something that will make your life great. You have to make your own choices.   Stop basing them on how someone else would live.

If you keep putting your de is ions in the hands of others than how are you ever going to find out who you are?

Furthermore,  mistakes are OK because they teach you something.  So it’s OK if your decision wasn’t the best one for you,  but at least you made the choice based upon what you wanted.

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