We spendlst of oursives blaming others for the way our lives turned out.  We blames our parents to,  exes,  and anyone else we can.

The fact is we make choices everyday that have put us in this place in our lives.  We choose where to work,  who to marry,  whether we eat healthy and exercise, etc.

I’m not saying people don’t do shitty things,  but it is still the choices we make that make our lives what they are.

So think about that before you go blaming someone else.   Did you choose to work there?  If you don’t like it then go back to school or look for a new job.   If you’re body isn’t the way you want then eat right and exercise.  If your relationship isn’t what you want then get out of it.

Yes there are things that happen that we don’t control sometimes but it’s the choices we make after these things occur that is key. People choose to smoke or drink of get into drugs and will always tell you it was because of some outside force.   It’s not true.   It’s becUsd they chose to do it.   No one and nothing made them. We always have a choice.

Some people choose to steal,  murder,  rape,  etc.   It’s a choice.  The one thing about choices is that they do create the path in your life.

So the next time you are unhappy  with something in your life start by looking at the choices you made that got you there Then start making different choices.   The one thing about humans is we love to be consistent,  but in this instance the same choices will get you the same result. Paradise comes from whatever choices you make.   So if your not in your paradise than change your choices.


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