Warning signs

You  ever have the one person in your circle who gossips about everyone else?  This is a bug problem because you can be assured that they are gossiping about you as  well.

They are toxic to everyone they meet.   I once confronted a person about this behavior because we had a disagreement and she was going around to everyone complaining about me.   Her response seems as to why she would be spouting what I considered my business what that she had a right to do so.   I told  her she had no right to discuss me in any way.  That our discussions are for us and no one else.

After that I was done.   I realized she wasn’t an adult and wasn’t trustworthy.  I booted her so far away from me that I hope she has forgotten my name.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve know  someone  because if they are a gossip to you then they will gossip about you even when they say they will keep things to themselves they don’t.

It’s a hard lesson to learn but it’s worthwhile.   You are taught that not everyone deserves to hear your story.

So if you have people like this in your life do yourself a favor and cut them off. If they ask why you can tell them you don’t like the negativity they perpetuate. These people are destroyers of reputations,  careers and self esteem.   Stay away from them


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