In Sickness and in Health

So my fiancé hurt his back shoveling all this crazy snow we had this week.   All I could do was wonder what I could do to help him feel better.  I made sure he took so some Tylenol and made sure he rested. I also made sure he had a good dinner.

Even then I was anxious because I just want him to be well.  This got me thinking about how this scenario plays out in the wrong relationship.  Your partner wouldnt be anxious to help nor would they lift a finger to do so. Furthermore,  they would see it as a chore and some type of complaint would escape their mouths.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again.  People’s actions tell everything about them.  So if you’re sick and your partner isn’t the least bit phrased by it then you have the wrong partner. If they don’t do anything to try to make you feel better or even just check on you then you have the wrong partner.

This is important because at some point something bigger than a back ache or a cold is going to happen and if your partner isn’t there for you for the smaller things than you can be guaranteed that they won’t be there for the bigger things.   Simple logic.

Pay attention to their actions during these times be a use it tells you who they are and then you can decide if they are the right person for you. I can say that. No matter how much you love them if they don’t take care of you then it will always be that way. Do you really want a life where someone doesn’t support you in times of sickness? That’s the same as being single.

Wait and watch and you will see the true colors of everyone you know.


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