Having it All

I always here people day how they want it all.  They want money,  love, material possessions etc.   They want a lot.

Problem is they fail to see what they have.  It’s your view that decides if you have it all.

My definition of having it all is having money to pay my bills,  a roof over my head,  food on the table,  clothes on my body and a man who loves me and will do anything for me.

I’m lucky because I have all these things. Could I ask for a BMW or a mansion to be happy?  Sure.  But I know already that those things don’t really matter.   When I am no longer on this earth I think the most telling thing that will be remembered is how I loved.

I think I have learned that love is a necessity. No doubt that we have to pay bills and we work hard to do so.   However, I think we don’t spend enough time enjoying what we have.

We are always complaining that we don’t have enough. We do.  As long as we have food and shelter and can pay our bills than we are richer than we think . there are people who would like to be where we are right now.

I want you all to focus.  Focus on love for a while.  Just see what happens in your life when you focus on love and all the things you already have instead of always trying to get more.

I’m not saying you should live paycheck to paycheck and be thrilled but I do think you should be happy you can sleep in a warm bed at night and have food in your belly.   I think having someone you love and who loves you can show you there is more to life than material possessions.



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