Everyday we settle for less than the most amazing life.  We settle for an average job to pay bills,  we push away our passions instead of embracing then and we even settle for an average love life.

We don’t seek the passion we deserve.   Probably because most of us don’t believe that kind of love exists. It’s a shame.  We somewhere lost sight of the fact that such love does exist but we want it now so we just give up instead of moving forward to find that passion.

That passion and love can change your life from ordinary to extraordinary! It can  make each day an adventure.  But we have to stop settling for less.  We keep telling ourselves  we are not worthy of that love so of course when you do t find it right away you have made a self fulfilling prophecy.

Just like you can  be anything you want with hard work you can  also have the passionate love you deserve but you have to keep looking for it.   Your relationship should make you excited! It should bring you joy not just a sense everyday that someone is there.  We become so comfortable with just finding people who fill a space that we don’t look for the person who fills our life with passion and love

Find that love! Wait for it because it will come to you!

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